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The perfect Solutions to lego Marvel Avengers

LEGO Avengers has a series of cheats that help players complete the collection of characters, gold blocks and minikits. However, you must unlock them with the help of red blocks provided by the Collector character.

In this tutorial, learn where to get each of them and what their functions are. The use of the lego marvel avengers studs x10 cheat code comes up quite perfectly now.

Check out the requirements, downloading and installing LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Remember that most red blocks are accessible only in “Free Play” mode after finishing the phase in traditional campaign mode.

Another thing is that you have to pay with LEGO parts to turn on the cheat – the red block just unlocks it to be able to buy it. you can now have the lego marvel avengers cheat code for studs x10 and go on with the best choices for the same.

Attract Parts

This cheat has been released since the beginning of the game, without finding any red blocks in the levels. Still, you have to buy it for the price of 100,000 pieces.

The Attract Pieces function generates a kind of magnetism around the character and makes the pieces attract directly to him, which facilitates collection.

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X2 Parts

In the Struck Off the List phase, just after Archer’s Hawk is injured in a scene, switch characters to the Hero. You can see a vent tube on the left side, go through it.

Go right and access a computer with a number puzzle. By solving the puzzle, a garage door will open. Break everything inside until you find an item, Baron Strucker’s monocle.

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Already with the monocle, go back where it came and fly to the right. The Collector will be waiting for you, willing to exchange the Baron’s monocle for this red block.

Pieces X2 doubles the value of each piece obtained in the game and, like all other multipliers, is cumulative. With the lego marvel superheroes codes you can be sure of the quality and the options for you.

X4 Parts

At A Loki Entrance, start flying high as the stage begins. There will be a catwalk and a character with question mark on his head, which indicates that he can have a controlled mind.

Vision is a good option right now, as it can fly and control minds. In the character’s mind, use it to lower the lever. A box will fall and reveal the toy rocket.

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Take the rocket and return to the beginning of the level. Go down to the left side, one level below where the phase starts and a little upward on the left diagonal.

There will be the collector, willing to exchange the rocket for a red block. Parts X4 quadruples the parts received.

X6 Parts

In the second part of the Rail Hydra phase, after the scene where Captain America trains with the sandbag, just walk forward and fly to see the Collector. Just below it is an electronic panel, activate it.

The room will be revealed with a character that can be controlled mentally. Use a psychic hero like Vision to take control and activate the lever.

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A box will be sent to the Collector’s side. Use Ultron to break the box and reveal a Red Skull mask. Give it to the Collector and he will exchange it for a red block.

The X6 Parts multiplier makes each piece purchased six times more valuable.

X8 Parts

At Shakespeare in The Park stage, in the second half when Loki attacks, fly forward around the villain and see the collector behind a green car in the crowd.

Go to the bottom right corner of the stage and there will be a hot dog seller with the question mark symbol.

Use Vision or another psychic character to control the seller’s mind and get a hot dog. Then bring the sandwich to the Collector. X8 Parts Cheat multiplies the value of LEGO parts by eight.

X10 parts

In the third part of the Helicarrier Havoc phase, once you enter the area, the Collector will be in front of you.

Use Ultron to break the pieces on the left side of the Collector, then use them to assemble a Drone, which will automatically fly overhead and pick up a card from Captain America.

Rouge solutions to lego Marvel Avengers

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