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Getting the tony hawk pro skater 2 ps1 cheats

Play Station was its launching platform, time later appeared versions for Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance among others confirming the massification of the game.

Skate was already penetrating society from a kinder side. The use of tony hawk pro skater 2 cheats comes perfect there.

The Evolution tony hawk pro skater 2

The evolution with respect to the first game was noticeable in the graphics, managing to improve the presentation of the characters, elements and scenarios of each level.

  • The success of the game exceeded any expectations and was largely due to a mixture of things. Skating on your TV real places through the game was one of them. Places that exist today and you can walk. Like the Brooklyn Banks in New York City.
  • If there is something that makes the perfect connection to the video game is music, a selection of great hits of the time with other older ones. Papa Roach, Rage Against the Machine, Naughty by Nature, Millencolin among others.

The music, the levels, the characters and the graphics were the factors that were transgressive enough for the time to transform this game into one of worship and that to this day is in the collective imaginary.

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It is easy to find to download to your computer or cell phone. You just have to turn around your app provider or some page that has console emulators and load the game!

What happens? Are you depressed because you are not able to fly with your skate at more than 3 meters high? Quiet man, don’t despair.

While you continue to practice your skills you can learn many interesting things from Skatemaster Tony Hawk. Get the tony hawk pro skater 2 n64 cheats now and play that like a professional.

Barely two years ago had a game of those that a priori have nothing to offer unless you are a fan of the sport they represent come to European lands.

His name was Tony Hawk and very few imagined the amount of audience he was going to introduce in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Fascinating world of skateboarding:

His main asset was his superb playability that allowed him to do unsuspected things with a skateboard, in addition to leaving you with the malicious smile on the mouth of the one who knows he can still do better.

With such powerful arguments it is not surprising that more than one spent days stuck to the console in search of monopatinistic perfection.

Now, after a short period of time, we can finally enjoy the second part of one of the greatest sports titles in history. With the tony hawk pro skater 2 n64 cheats you can have the best deals now.

If you don’t know friend Tony Hawk, you don’t have to be surprised at your ignorance. After all, skateboarding is not a popular sport in Spain.

There in America is not that it is the center of all eyes, but it has opened a gap in the programming of sports channels that make it enjoy certain popularity.

Tony is, so to speak, the messiah coming from beyond to show us the amount of good things you can do with your skateboard if you treat him with love. For the tony hawk pro skater 2 cheats ps1 you can have the best deal.


The intro is basically a video in which we see Tony and his teammates doing theirs with the Skate, all in the purest American style.

You already know cane music, the typical background posters and the most spectacular poses for the gallery. The best of the tony hawk pro skater 2 ps1 cheat comes there.

  • Both characters and scenarios show a high level of quality. The characters for the careful details they show, that without reaching the stratospheric levels of Shenmue or Soul Calibur, are quite close.
  • The scenarios for its robustness and the wonderful textures, which put the DC version light years above its Psx and Pc sisters.
  • The animations have been slightly retouched for the second part. We cannot reproach programmers because improving the first part was frankly difficult. However, now they flow more smoothly and we also see some new movements.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Without knowing why we have not found the 60 Hz mode anywhere. It is a pity that an option of this caliber is missed that until recently only our Japanese friends could use.

Therefore we will not get tired of repeating the absence in this way is not forgivable. Let’s see if next time they will wake up and bring us the happy option included.


Music is the most careful point of the game. Groups of the caliber of Bad Religion, Rage Against the Machine, Naughty By Nature, Dub Pistols or Powerman 5000 delight of our ears while we play.

The general tone of the songs is cane and rapper, very Yankee style, although not for that reason we will stop praising him.

It is a pity that a CD with the soundtrack is not given along with the game. It would be an extra to thank Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


If the music already marks a very high level, the sound effects do not fall short: the intensity of the wheels when sliding with the ground, the sweet sound of the landings … and endless more effects complete one of the sections fx more complete that we remember.

To give you an idea of ​​the detail, you just have to see that each stage shows its own sounds in line with the reputation of the city in which they are developed.

Do not be surprised to hear the sound of bullets or screams if you are skating in New York or the uncle of the PA in Marseille, who will release an incomprehensible roll in French …

How to get tony hawk pro skater 4

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The gameplay is still as good as in the first part. The learning curve has the ideal slope for things to come out in due time, so that it is not easy or difficult to become masters of Skate.

If you bring previous experience of the first part do not throw the bells on the flight because it will cost you what to do the master movements.

The modes that you are going to find in Tony 2 are the following:

Career: We get into the skin of a skateboarder who has to look for daily bread by making mischief through a series of phases.

In each of them there is a list of objectives to fulfill such as finding a certain item or a secret passage. With the money we get we can buy new tricks to perform with skateboarding or accessories that enhance our skills.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Single Session: in a limited time we have to improve our scores in career mode phases. To do this we will combine already known tricks with which to achieve more complex sequences of movements that increase our final score.

Rogues tony hawk pro skater 2 ps1|xbox|ps2

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