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Easy Cheat for the hawk pro skater 4 cheats ps1

To get all the extras that come in this great title, you just have to use one of the most functional game codes that exist, this is watch_me_xplode.

To activate this trick, you must enter this code in the Cheats option found in the game options menu. However, this trick will not unlock the gaps available in the game. Know know how to get tony hawk pro skater 4 cheats.

Some passwords in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

As in the vast majority of Game Cube games, in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4, we can activate a series of tricks, using passwords, which we will enter in the Cheats option of the special options menu.

Here are some tricks that we can use to facilitate our game:

  • With the code (o) (o), we will activate the Daisy character to use it as a player, raising the number of character selection options for this title.
  • Having the special indicator always full, will allow us to perform any feat we want. To achieve this goal, just use the g0lden code.
  • Getting a perfect balance on the wheels of our skates is a dream trick. To activate it, just use the password belikegeoff. With the tony hawk pro skater 4 cheats ps2 you can have the best deals now.
  • As in version three of the game, we can activate a special type of arm balance, which will allow us to better maintain balance. We achieve this with the 2wheelin code.
  • The password mrandersen, will activate one of the best tricks of the game, which consists of visualizing all the movements and pirouettes that we do in slow motion, what is known as Matrix mode.
  • Perform fantastic movements; it is largely due to gravity control. If we manage to reduce gravity, we will improve our pirouettes and figures. With the giantsteps code, we will lower gravity to the value of this force on the Moon, improving the character’s performance. With the tony hawk pro skater 4 cheats gamecube you can have the best deal.

Raising speed famous Turbo Mode

We can activate the famous Turbo Mode, once we manage to collect all the gaps we find around the game.

Just keep in mind, that the collection should not include the scenario where we want to activate this game mode. With the tony hawk pro skater 4 cheats xbox you can find the best deals.

Active protagonists Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4

In Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4, we can activate a series of protagonists that are originally blocked. To do this, we have to buy them in the store for a specific amount of money.

Here, we will see the protagonists that can be activated, with the amount of money needed to do so, and also, we can activate other extras:

  • Daisy can be activated with the amount of US $ 9000. But also, we can activate other characters, such as Eddie, Jango Feet and Mike Valley.
  • Upon reaching the amount of US $ 15,000, we will activate the Carnival and Chicago game levels. With the hawk pro skater 4 cheats ps1 you can get the best downloading and playing choices.

Game modes procedure to access a series 

As in the previous trick, we must follow the same procedure to access a series of game modes, which will greatly facilitate the playability of our games:

  • If we reach the amount of US $ 1000, we will activate the game modes directly in the store: Big Head, Cool Special, Mode, Gorilla, Overboard, Invisible, Kid, Sim, Slow, Super Blood and Flame.
  • When we have $ 250 in our possession, we will activate the game modes: Clow`s head, Clowns pants, The Official Dick, Ollie-s coat and Eraser hair.

Pro Skater sequences

To access a series of special Pro Skater video sequences that are originally hidden, we just have to successfully complete the Pro challenge.

Baseball mini game

Among the most outstanding attractions of this title, there is the possibility of unlocking different extras, such as the Baseball mini game that can be played in Alcatraz.

To do this, the first thing we must do is go to the prison yard and once there, we make a big bump in the wall. Next, we talk to the pitcher on the mound and the game will start, and we will be awarded about $ 25 for each close fly we get.

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Hidden area

When we are at the carnival, we will have the option of accessing a special hidden area.

To achieve this, we have to previously win the Carnival level, and in doing so, we will see the haunted house while we skate around, then, we go up the garage of the house, using the table and the handrails, as if it were a side team by side.

We do it correctly and methodically until we get into a strange dimension, where we will see skulls and spirals floating in the air. This area is strange, and we must only go around the face of a skull, in order to return.

Getting stat points easily

The first thing we have to do is create a character and then start a game in career mode. Next, we must carry out the simple objectives, as fast as we can, and we will have taken the first step.

Now, we save the skater and start a new race, loading the skater we created. Then, we accomplish the same objectives previously done.

In this way, we will obtain a series of stat points that will allow us to improve the character to our liking.

Earning money

Money is always important in our games, as it will allow us to access a series of extras. To get a good amount of money, we have to select a skater and inform us where halfpipe can be done in the surrounding area, as this way, we can collect money.

Once we have the information, we select our skater and go to the right place to do halfpipe, then we will see the money around the stage and collect it, taking all the money to complete the figure.

See all FMV sequences

To see all the FMV sequences, first, we saved the game, then, we bought a movie for a price of US $ 800, and after watching this sequence, we completely restarted the system and bought a new movie, so we will have the option to see all FMV sequences.

How to get tony hawk pro skater 4

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