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The Finer Options for the perfect Cheats Now

Skate is one of the videogame sagas oriented to the extreme sports segment – that has been more successful in recent years.

This great sequence of games, which was born as an alternative to the titles of Tony Hawk, has become today one of the most complete and successful skateboarding sagas of all time.

Skate 3 , incorporates spectacular and realistic graphics, with details in the figures and actions that we can perform mounted on the skateboard.

The main attraction of this title is the possibility of playing online against other opponents, and interacting with them, as in a social network. Now how to enter skate 3 cheats for you now.

Cheats for Skate 3 for both your PS3 delivery and the one on Xbox 360

To activate the tricks that appear below, we need to enter the main menu and click on the options button, then look for Extras, and once there, we enter the cheat codes to activate them:

  • To unlock Isaac from Dead Spaces and use him as an eligible player, enter the code: deadspacetoo.
  • Activating the zombie mode – where the pedestrians chase you and the screen turns yellow – is very simple, we just have to enter: zombie.
  • Overboard mode, where trucks and wheels disappear from our deck, will be unlocked by writing the following code: mcfly.
  • If we want to restore all objects in the areas where they were originally, we must enter: stretsweeper.
  • Unlocking the mini-skater mode is quite simple, we just have to include the following code: miniskaters.

Despite leaving in 2010, a skateboard game has not been released since it has been able to rival it, and knowing what Skate 3 tricks are available can bring to life what is already an excellent extreme sports simulator.

We all look forward to one day Skate 4 becoming a reality and updating the series for a new generation, but until that moment there is always a classic to turn to.

If you want to use new playable characters, we have you covered, and if you are looking for all the cheat codes of Skate 3 to unlock modes and secret elements, we also have them.

Take your board, go outside and take some sick movements with our complete guide for skate 3 cheat codes ps3.

Skate 3 Cheat Codes

To activate these Skate 3 cheat codes, you must go through the Extras menu and navigate to the option Enter cheat code to write them, where you will receive a notification message if they were entered correctly.

Note that these Skate 3 tricks will only work in Freeskate mode:

  • Miniskaters – Everyone becomes small with a big head, feet and arms
  • Mcfly – Trucks and wheels are removed from the boards, so they seem to float. This is just a visual effect.
  • Deadspacetoo – Unlock Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space series as a playable character
  • Zombie – Add a zombie light effect, while all pedestrians mimic zombie movements and attack you
  • Sweeper – Restores all moving objects to their original positions.
  • Dontbesomayo – Unlock clothes and items sponsored by Miracle Whip

Codes to obtain new modes and extras: From the game pause menu, select Options and then Extras, once there choose the Enter code option and enter any of the following to get its corresponding unlockable.

Deadspacetoo: To play as Issac from Dead Space. Mcfly: Activate Hoverboard mode, where trucks and wheels disappear. Miniskaters: Activate the Mini-skaters mode. Zombie.

Asphalt 9 tips and tricks-unlimited credits

Turn on Zombie mode, where the screen turns yellow and pedestrians chase you. Streetsweeper: Restore all objects to their default position.

Meat Man: This secret character releases you when you finish all the Hall of Meat challenges. For the skate 3 cheats xbox 360 you can have the best deals now.

Skate 3 is the innovative delivery of Electronic Arts that introduces us to the world of skate parks, launched in 2010, the game is still a success on the Xbox 360. Today we will gladly bring you the skate 3 cheats ps3 for Skate 3.

How to make super jumps

There is a glitch in the game which will allow us to jump up to about 12 meters high. All you need to do is stay in the Goofy position and keep your feet to the left side of the screen.

The trick can only be done on completely flat terrain. You must make an FS 360 pop Shuvit, it must necessarily be an FS. While in the air press R or L and just before touching the ground press Y.

If you do it right, your character will fly through the air. Recommendation: try to do it in easy difficulty, it is easier. With the skate 3 how to activate cheats this is the best deal.

Skate Codes 3

In the extras menu you can enter different keys to obtain special effects. You can enable or disable codes at your discretion.

  • Zombie – Turn all pedestrians into zombies, also change the color of the sky.
  • Mcfly – Modify your skateboard to give it a new look.
  • Miniskaters – All skaters become miniature.
  • Deadspacetoo – Unlock Isaac from Dead Space.
  • dontbesomayo – Unlock Miracle Whip clothes and items.
  • streetsweeper – Reset all moving targets to their original positions.

How can i activate skate 3 cheats on ps3 | xbox360

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